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Aeris Osborne

"Alberta Old Buildings with AR experience" Aeris Osborne

Aeris is an Edmonton visual artist, and the 2022 Alberta Artist In Residence (AIR) / Art Ambassador appointed by the Government of Alberta. As a visible Chinese minority, 1st generation immigrant & self-taught artist, Aeris is the 3rd Alberta artist & the 1st immigrant artist appointed by this Art Grant award.

The Alberta AIR project “10 Alberta Old Buildings” which highlights Alberta's cultural and heritage value, and she traveled over 3000km and received 10 media interviews from Alberta to Vancouver. In 2020-2021, the “YEG Old Houses” was her 1st AIR operated by Art Habitat Edmonton, it was awarded a 2022 Art Grant from Canada Council For The Arts. The series was recognized by local media including CBC Edmonton and CKUA Radio, Edify Magazine, and Rat Creek Press. It has been exhibited in 5 solo exhibitions since 2021. She won twice years of Open Art Competition at Allied Art Council Spruce Grove in 2015 & 2016. 

Aeris was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Canada in 2007. Since Aeris moved to Edmonton, Alberta starts a new life with her husband, the change in living environment, landscapes, and nature inspired her in every aspect to be a true artist. It created unique opportunities and freedom to stimulate her creativity by using the visual medium to express her vision and observation. In Aeris’s paintings, you can find her inner peacefulness,