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The Polar Bear - Memory Roth

The Polar Bear by Memory Roth

Memory Roth, a professional artist paints realism in oil, using a method like the old masters, her subject matter is diverse.  She started with painting portraits but soon found herself painting flowers, boats, landscapes and animals.  She has started to build several series including “The Polar Bear”, one of her favourites.

In September of 2006, when Memory was in her mid 40’s, she took an art class with a friend.  She was delighted to find there was a talent inside her that she never knew existed, one that would bring joy, change, and a new purpose to her life. When Memory started to paint, things took off quickly for her. She won several awards including an award in the first international contest she entered and had many of her painting published.  As things continued to go well with her art, she toyed with the idea of becoming a professional artist, which was supported by her husband.

In 2012, tragedy struck her family, and unfortunately, her husband passed away.  After his death she wasn’t sure she would be able to continue with her art, but she felt a calling deep within her. In 2013, after having an amazing experience swimming with a turtle in Hawaii, she went back to the easel.  Knowing that she needed to stay motivated and challenged, she joined “Night of Artists”, a group of professional artists that showcase their art at high profile events.  Joining this group helped immensely, but her grief was front and centre, and she continued to struggle. In the summer of 2014, things finally changed.  Visiting the Toronto Zoo and having an experience with a polar bear helped lift the veil, she finally saw clearly the direction she needed to go and the motivation she needed to get her there.

Memory lives and works in St. Albert, Alberta. Her art is collected in Canada, the United States and Australia.  Discover more of her art, read her stories, and find out what’s happening with her career on her website 



IG:  @memoryrothartist

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This exhibit will be available for viewing from November 25, 2019 - January 27, 2020.

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