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NAJA Jube Art Brett Miles

Brett Miles "In Tribute and Gratitude"

Brett Damion Miles was a man of many monikers: Musician, Actor, Writer, Painter, Crow whisperer; who began painting in his 30's. Brett chose found materials only during his first years to paint on. He said he didn't feel worthy of canvas yet; but even his first works captured something magical and the archive was created. Brett was already a well respected Jazz musician when he started painting and applied what he knew about loosing conscience thought and connecting with a spiritual space when taking a solo to his painting. He has a unique voice of colour and motion; and even though the hand is untrained formally, there is a truth of expression that is beautiful and undeniable. Brett promoted peace and love in his life and his art; he was devout to creativity in all forms and lived with a passion for life. Enjoy his art; and he would want you to know that his music is available on CD Baby and most streaming sources, his books are available on Book Baby. Brett Miles passed on Aug 17th, 2022, friends and fellow artists mourn him from all over the world.