Kaasa Lobby

Carly Gordon

Carly Gordon: Feels Like a Day Dream

The artwork in this show is from several collections of mine, with some prints going back to spring of 2020 and most of the originals being from my latest collection, Feels Like Home. All of the paintings are from photos I’ve taken in Canada, but while there is a familiarity in painting that landscape, over time I began pushing the colour more and more, and creating compositions that resemble more of an entire experience versus the exact photo. The back alley I walk by my house starts as an early spring photo, but may get flowers from all down the alleys placed into the scene. Am I looking to portray things as idealistic, almost with ‘rose coloured glasses’? Not necessarily. Every compositional choice, colour choice, and brush stroke made, comes from a place of painting whatever emotional experience needs to be said at the time. What I paint for myself to process on the inside, I trust is the very right thing that the viewer needs to see for themselves.