Seating Plan

Enjoy comfortable seating at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.

Accessibility information

Select any icon on the seating map below to view.

Main Floor Terr Left SAJA
Main Floor Terrace Left
Main Floor Left Centre SAJA
Main Floor Left Centre
Front Row Main Floor Centre SAJA
Front Row Main Floor Centre
Back Row Main Floor Centre SAJA
Back Row Main Floor Centre
Main Floor Right Centre SAJA
Main Floor Right Centre
Main Floor Terrace Right SAJA
Main Floor Terrace Right
First Balcony Terrace Left SAJA
First Balcony Terrace Left
First Balcony Left Center SAJA
First Balcony Left Center
First Balcony Center SAJA
First Balcony Center
First Balcony Center Back SAJA
First Balcony Center Back
First Balcony Right Centre SAJA
First Balcony Right Centre
First Balcony Terrace Right SAJA
First Balcony Terrace Right
Second Balcony Left SAJA
Second Balcony Left
Second Balcony Left Centre SAJA
Second Balcony Left Centre
Second Balcony Center SAJA
Second Balcony Center
Second Balcony Right Centre SAJA
Second Balcony Right Centre
Second Balcony Right SAJA
Second Balcony Right
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