Alcove Lobby

3 Cats

My Imagination is So Many Things by Indefinite Arts Centre

This exhibition examines how the legacy of Jane Cameron (1949-2000) continues the shape and challenge the way we see artwork created by artists with disabilities.

Diagnosed with Down Syndrome in 1949, Jane’s parents were told that her life would amount to little. But through thoughtful education and exposure to many opportunities Jane’s talents flourished. With an active practice at home and at Indefinite Arts Centre, Jane’s paintings, drawings and textiles were sought out and commissioned by many collectors, including the office of the Prime Minister.

“My Imagination Is So Many Things” gathers works connected to Jane Cameron’s popular exhibit “3 Cats”, tracing the continuation of colour, joy, imagination, and affection for all living things in the works produced by artists at Indefinite Arts Centre today. 

 Jane’s artist legacy continues to inspire the practices of a new generation at Indefinite Arts Centre… who continue to push the boundaries of art.

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