Jubilee Lower Lobby

Mandy Stobo

Mandy Stobo

“Take me to the places to play, the ones where we are dreaming all day.”

Life has been full of so much change lately. So much uncertainty and fear. By revisiting the places that have held my heart throughout my life, the animals who inspire the calm,the outdoors that hold me in its palm, it allows me to explore the constant that we all have no matter what is going on in the world around us.

By using vibrant colors and creating dialogue through storytelling in each piece, this show is created to inspire the child in you, the playful piece of you that wants to get out and play. The part that wants to run and scream and laugh until sunrise. Finding joy in memories can spark so much joy in our future hopes and dreams. It can heal us enough to move forward with love and forget all that fear. It can give us permission to be just as we are and become the very thing we want to be.

By combining moments of healing with gestural marks, neons, multiple mediums and stories, these works are here to inspire exploration, hold on tightly to the parts that you want to keep, and allow the things around you that you no longer have room for to fade away.

So,take me to those places to play, to dream, to be, and to laugh all day.