Jubilee Lower Lobby


You Could Be Quoting Shakespeare by SPECTRA

SPECTRA is a new group (2017) of fifteen Canadian women who have studied and are committed to the exploration and presentation of textiles as a form of art. Our members are from Calgary and surrounding areas.

Our first group exhibition, Road Trip, toured High River, Calgary and Canmore. Our second exhibition, Abstraction, is currently touring, with showings in Calgary, High River, Edmonton and Canmore.

The artworks in this exhibition interpret the theme: You Could be Quoting Shakespeare. Many of the popular phrases and sayings in common use today originated in
Shakespeare’s plays and poetry. Our artwork addresses several of these in ways that will intrigue and delight the viewer.


This exhibition is available for viewing November 25, 2019 - January 27, 2020.

All public art spaces are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM and during performances/events.