Jube School Programs

One and Two Day Programs

Jube School One Day

APPLY NOW!  Send your letter of interest to jubeschool@albertajubileesociety.ca by April 25, 2020.  Teachers will need to send in their own letter of interest for their class.  (No team letters)

Our one and two day programming will be a highlight for you and your class! Your time at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium will activate the artistry and imagination in your students and yourself. Through exploration of the technical, performing and visual arts, students will come out with a better understanding of the creative process that engages, inspires and develops social and personal development.

Workshop Possibilities include:    

  • Audio: mic patterns, recording techniques, mixing, sound effects  

  • Lighting: shadow, focus, colour exploration, shaping of light, storytelling, gobo making  

  • Stage Craft: stage fly system, mechanical advantage, knots and rigging     

  • Atmospherics: fog, dry ice, haze  

  • Visual Arts: paint, mixed media, collage, graffiti    

  • Performing Arts: improv, voice, theatre games and storytelling  

  • Playwriting and story generating  

  • Directing 101 Workshops  

  • Spoken Word & Poetry   

All workshops are facilitated by world leading Teaching Artists and Technicians in their field.

Cost of programming at Jube School is free.

Five Day Programs

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APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!  Applications can be submitted through the Campus Calgary Open Minds websiteDue date is May 5, 2020. 

Jump into a weeklong program of personalized, interactive, arts-based learning rooted in elements of each class' curriculum. Creative explorations in the technical, visual and performing arts will inspire learners and educators to make personal connections in, through, and about the arts. Working alongside some of the world's best teaching artists and technicians, students have a hands-on opportunity to explore, create and imagine in an environment that supports personal and social growth, empowers practical learning and inspires curiosity that enriches the individual, the class, and our community.


Jube Tech: High School Mentorship Program

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A customizable program providing flexible learning opportunities at the Jubilee Auditorium to support the technical needs of your school productions.

Our Space

First, join us at the Jubilee Auditorium where our Technical Experts will instruct students in the foundations of lighting, audio and stagecraft.

Your Space

Next, Jubilee Technical Experts will visit your space to empower students to create and operate the technical elements for school productions.

Cost of the program is $600.00

High School Tech Conference

Spring 2021

Grades 9 – 12, Calgary and surrounding areas

Design, build, mix and light your way through the High School Technical Conference at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium! Participants will have the opportunity to work with Jubilee Technical Experts and IATSE Local 212 members as they jump into two full days of workshops exploring Technical Theatre and all things backstage!

To Attend: Send letter of interest to jubeschool@albertajubileesociety.ca with a description of your school program and number of students you would like to bring. 

Letter of interest due: April 25, 2020

Confirmation of your participation in May 2020.

Space is limited.

Jube Tech Like A Girl

Jube Tech Girl

October 2020 – June 2021

Inviting students who identify as female and have a curiosity and passion for Technical Theatre to explore the foundations of theatre production.

Students will learn alongside Jubilee experts, shadow technical professionals in the community and create pathways into the technical industry.  This exciting 9-month program will culminate in a student run show at the Jubilee Auditorium.

Earn Level 1 Certificates in:





Stage Management

How to apply:

Interested students can send a letter of interest jubeschool@albertajubileesociety.ca with the subject line TECH LIKE A GIRL.  Confirmation of acceptance will be sent in September 2020.

There is no cost for this program.

Time commitment: 8 – 12 hours a month, meeting on weekends and a few evenings. 

Dates to be confirmed.