Show Info: Northern

Edmonton Opera present HMS Pinafore

February 3, 6 & 9, 2018 • Jubilee Auditorium

Sung in English with projected lyrics
Featuring the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by Peter Dala • Directed by Robert Herriot • Scenery design by Camellia Koo • Costume design by Deanna Finnman • Choreography by Jason Hardwick • With new musical arrangements by Ed Windels

Cast: Donovan Workun (Sir Joseph), Vanessa-Oude Reimerink (Josephine), Adrian Kramer (Ralph Rackstraw), Geoffrey Sirett (Captain Corcoran), Bridget Ryan (Little Buttercup), Dion Mazerolle (Dick Deadeye), Ryan Parker (Bill Bobstay)

Sail the high seas with the quirky crew of Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore! This comic operetta is a worldwide favourite, adding a nautical spin to the classic ‘boy meets girl, boy can’t get girl because of her higher social station’ story. When young Josephine, daughter of the Captain, falls in love with a lower-class sailor Ralph Rackstraw, mayhem ensues as the two lovers try to elope… while at sea!

Edmonton Opera presents a delightful new production of this beloved topsy-turvy journey, reimagined in the extravagant 1920s Jazz Age by Cinderella director Rob Herriot. With jazzy new musical arrangements by Ed Windels, this is HMS Pinafore like you've never seen — or heard — before!

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